Transducer for laboratory tests

TecnoPenta supplies geotechnical lab automation systems, especially for automating triaxial – consolidation, compression, breakage – direct shear, and shrinkage tests.
These various systems are made up of some basic devices and accessories:
• pressure transducers for pore-pressures;
• motion transducers – vertical or horizontal – potentiometer or LVDT types;
• dynamometric rings deformation deformeter – potentiometer or LVDT types;
• load cells; and
• our D1-TRIASS , control unit for interfacing with a personal computer, complete with power
supply system, buffer battery and signal conditioning cards;
• a variety of software for handling and processing sensor signals, for Windows® operating systems;
• connection cables for the various sensors and the data-acquisition unit; and
• a potential to activate data acquisitions either by computer controls or remote control.




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