Tecnopenta provides various services to its customers, including:


Calibrations and maintenance 

Tecnopenta is equipped with high precision instruments and load frames, to perform calibration of piezocones, inclinometer probe, level transducer and many other instruments.

Calibration of seismic piezocone 

For all customers who have the equipment SCPTU and CPTU we offer many services including evaluation of functionality, replacements and repairs of damaged parts, software assistance and even more.

Special realizations 

Tecnopenta provides all the necessary competence and knowledge to design and realize bespoke instrumentation for particular application.

TP WEB data 

TP web data is a web space used to store the data coming from the installed monitoring system all over Europe. Tecnopenta creates, for each intrested client a web site (accessible using UserID e Password) where the data are plotted in graph.

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